1. What is the difference between “filtered” and “unfiltered” reviews?

Many (well known) review sites pass each review post through a set of pre set criteria called a “filter”. If all the criteria is met then the review will be posted, if the review does not contain the proper criteria the review does not get posted publicly. An “unfiltered” review is posted publicly the second the post button is clicked without having to fit predetermined criteria.

2. Do I have to become a member to post a review or add a company to the directory

Yes. You may securely set up an account on our main page.

3. How do I add a new business to your directory?

Simply sign up and add a new “listing”.

4. Is it possible to report an offensive review?

If you have a problem with an offensive reviews please contact us.

5. Is this site’s directory strictly for US businesses only?

As of this moment, yes we are.



While we appreciate and welcome all reviews on our site please do take care in writing reviews that would be helpful to others. This site’s continued existence relies on the good will and honesty of our users.  To help you with understanding how to write a good review, we have provided some examples below of both bad and good reviews.





A bad review can be comprised of a number of factors including lacking constructive criticism about the business and/or offensive in its tone or language and / or having a personal bias against the business.

An example of an offensive and biased review could be:

“The staff here is really incompetent! The owner is a real @%$#! Don’t waste your time, come visit my pizzeria instead!”


An example of a review that does not provide any clarity on its opinion:

“Joe’s pizza’s ok.”


On the other hand, a good review would often provide the reader with an informed opinion of the business’ services (good or bad), is polite and to the point and may offer any personal advice that may help a customer’s future transaction with the business.

An example of an informed and polite opinion:

“We could not recommend Little Joe’s Pizzeria enough! The waiter, Pamela, was friendly and apologized for the 20 minute waiting time. She even made up for it by shouting us a free bottle of Pinot Grigio!  If you go, you must try Joe’s Supreme – it’s secret homemade sauce makes this pizza one of the best in Downtown LA!”


“Animal loves beware! We were really excited to go to Joe’s – we had heard great things! Unfortunately, they only offer one vegetarian pizza. And no vegan offers too. The place and staff seemed great, but we won’t be going back again.”

About Us

Honest Business Reviews is a website founded on the premise of letting the user review businesses without having to worry about being filtered.

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